The Rock Health Summit (RHS) Innovation Fellowship program creates new opportunities and brings emerging leaders and dynamic thinkers and doers solving for equity and inclusion in digital health.

Fellowship Description


At we are committed to advancing the integration of equitable principles into digital health. We are also committed to supporting the intrepid leaders who are carrying out this work. The Rock Health Summit (RHS) Innovation Fellowship is a year-long engagement designed to create opportunities for emerging digital health leaders to gain exposure to the digital health ecosystem, deepen their understanding of trends and opportunities across the digital health industry, and engage with the dynamic Rock Health community. The Innovation Fellows represent a diverse range of perspectives, expertise, and lived experiences comprising a cohort where the majority are women (66%) and people of color (83%).


2022 Cohort


The 2022 cohort of RHS Innovation Fellows represent an incredible group of 12 health equity leaders who are pioneering advancements and innovations in Black women’s health, oncology support, pediatric behavioral health, LGBTQ+ competency-based care, support for caregivers, and more. Click through below to read the in-depth profiles of each of these exemplary leaders as they provide insight into their motivations for staying the course, share what’s inspiring them about the future of their organizations, and provide opportunities to plug into the next chapters of their work.

2022 Innovation Fellows