Our ecosystem is shaped, in huge part, by its innovators, its game changers, its imaginers, and its doers. At Rock Health, we strive to find new opportunities to support and amplify the work of the folks at the forefront of healthcare evolution, that truly believe in a better future for every single patient—regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or income.

These are 10 remarkable leaders who see the power and progress in community, in equity, and in belonging. These 10 innovations are simple ideas that we don’t think about enough, or perspectives we don’t often hear, or new ways of tackling a long-standing problem. Some of these people sit squarely in our digital health community, some of them don’t. They are providers, entrepreneurs, students, thinkers and investors. We’re proud to present this year’s Spotlights on Innovations in Digital Health!

Lash Nolen | Trust Begins in Community

Meena Seshamani | Putting Whole Person Care at the Center of Health
Amy Fan | Inclusive Women’s Health for All
Jerrica Kirkley | Transforming Healthcare for Every Trans Life
Solome Tibebu | Fueling Change in Behavioral Health
Carlos Rodarte | Centering Community in Care
Deena Shakir | The Impact of Investing in Women’s Health Innovation
Nate Maslak | Booking Care with One Click, Anytime Anywhere
Kevin Dedner | Culturally Intentional Therapy for Everyone

Ivelyse Andino | The Third Space of Health

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